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    The Swedish/Relaxation massage is a soothing, full-body treatment that will enhance your overall sense of well being. The therapist will apply pressure from head to toe, paying particular attention to sore muscles. This type of massage promotes relaxation and helps reduce stress and tension held in the body’s tissues. The Swedish/Relaxation massage also helps remove tissue adhesions, improves blood flow, and increases range of motion.



    Repetitive tasks, recreational or occupational, are a part of our daily lives. With the Deep Tissue/Sports massage, the therapist targets areas of discomfort caused by repeated use or poor postural alignment. This type of massage involves the use of various deep strokes and trigger-point therapy to access deeper muscle tissue fibers, helping to flush the body of lactic and uric acid, and other metabolic wastes. The end result is a shortened recovery time from muscle strain.



    With a Hot Stones massage, the therapist uses warm, smooth stones to facilitate blood flow, providing soothing, relaxing heat that penetrates deep tissues. Smooth hot stones are placed on the larger muscles of the body, while smaller, warm stones are used on the arms, legs, hands, and feet. The stones, combined with various massage techniques, promote deep relaxation.    



    Expectant mothers experience unique physical and emotional changes that occur as a result of increased weight, shifting posture, and varying hormone levels. Mothers-to-be also endure a variety of physical discomforts, ranging from general muscle tension and recurring headaches to increased pressure on the lower back, including sciatic nerve problems. The Pregnancy massage is a gentle form of massage therapy that helps alleviate these discomforts. It is only available for mothers-to-be who completed their first trimester.


    Hours vary by massage therapist. Please check with the front desk for current rates and hours of availability.




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