Since 2012, New Carlisle Sports & Fitness has been a leader in physical fitness in the New Carlisle area. As a privately owned facility, New Carlisle Sports & Fitness focuses on developing your health and well-being.


    Located in the same building as the former Tecumseh YMCA, New Carlisle Sports & Fitness has been completely renovated and updated to meet your needs and goals. By offering an assortment of amenities and facilities, New Carlisle Sports & Fitness pledges to help build A Fitness Plan Fit for You.



    New Carlisle Sports & Fitness offers a variety of memberships catering to our diverse group of members.




    Membership Types Include:


    • Adult


    • Couple


    • Family


    • Student



    Discounts Are Available for the Following:


    • Memberships Paid in Full


    • College Students (With Current ID)


    •  Military Members (Active or Veteran)


    • First Responders


    • Seniors (65 Years and Older)



    Visit the Club for more information on these special offerings.




  • Free Assessments

    Free Group Exercise Classes

    Free Wii-Fi

    Free Kidz Klub (2 hrs.)

    Free Access to Lap Pool, Therapy Pool, and Sauna

    Receive Special Discounts on Services and Rentals.

    Free Lockers

  • At the New Carlisle Sports & Fitness Club, we are committed to providing fitness and wellness solutions that help people live happier, healthier lives. And we recognize that saving money always makes people happier. That’s just one of many reasons we developed our Corporate Partner Wellness Program. 


    Employees who embrace fitness routines enjoy higher morale; lower stress levels; greater stamina and productivity; and increased levels of well being and self-esteem. 
    Employers also enjoy substantial benefits. According to a U.S.. Department of Health and Human Services report, workplaces that implement fitness and wellness programs reduce their healthcare costs by 20 to 55 percent; reduce short-term sick leave by six to 32 percent; and increase company productivity by up to 52 percent.
    Here’s how the program works:
    1.     Become a Corporate Wellness Partner by signing the agreement (must be signed by owner or management staff member). 
    2.     Provide the New Carlisle Sports & Fitness Club with an electronic file of your employees’ names and contact information. The file, as well as the signed agreement, may be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This information will enable us to verify employment and notify your employees of the availability of our services. They may also present a current company ID to prove employment.
    3.     Your employees will receive either a 10% discount off their annual membership rate, or they may enjoy reduced rates on fitness classes. Special terms may be negotiated through our sales staff. 
    For more information about the Corporate Wellness Partner Program, contact the club at 937-846-1000.

    Downloadable Corporate Partner Wellness Application (PDF)

  • After surgery to remove a rather large benign brain tumor and subsequent radiation treatments my balance was very bad. The doctors recommended water exercises to strengthen and retrain muscles, and brain function. At first, I had to be helped into the pool. Within 3 weeks, I was able to manage the regular ladder into the pool, by myself! My balance is almost normal and very seldom do I use my cane. The water aerobics are great! Thanks to all the staff for their encouragement!

    ----Nancy Loudin


    After completing physical therapy for an injury, the wide variety of exercise machines provided just the right set of exercises to continue my recovery. The heated therapy pool is a perfect conclusion to therapeutic exercise. While I do therapy my kids enjoy the big pool and the open gym.

    ----Randy Olson


    In my 30’s I damaged the cartilage in my knee. As I was approaching my senior years, Arthritis started settling into my knee. I began using knee braces, needing knee shots, and lubrication which all seemed to help a little bit. When the New Carlisle Sports and Fitness Center opened, my wife and I joined. I was in the therapy pool at least twice a week making my knee bend even when it did not want to. I was having problems going up stairs, getting in and out of cars. The therapy pool greatly helped. I can now go up and down stairs, and get out of cars much easier. Also I don’t need all the knee shots anymore!


    I love NCSFC because it is local and has everything available for you to do. Whether its cardio, pumping iron, swimming, basketball, and so much more. The employees are all friendly and very helpful.